Episode One Release Date

This is the official blog of the unofficial & unauthorized Pale Blue Dot Documentary Project.

This project aims to produce a "rough draft" of what an actual Pale Blue Dot television series might resemble if one were inclined to make it as a sort of "open source stitch-up" documentary, loosely patterned after the "look and feel" of Ascent of Man and Cosmos.

The first product of this experiment,
Pale Blue Dot Episode One, "Wanderers" (running time about 40 minutes) will be released on Saturday, July 7th, 2007, on Google Video.

We'll spare you the exposition on the background, goals, and plans for this grand project until its known whether or not anyone cares to hear about any of it.

Thanks for stopping by and checking things out. Be sure to check back in July when the first episode is released.