Higher-resolution version

Some of you had requested an alternative to Google Video, and others had requested or wished aloud for a higher-resolution version of Wanderers to be made available, so I've uploaded it to Stage6.com. The file was about four times as large as the one Google Video got, and the video is indeed much more crisp, but the DivX compression seems to have caused a few (to me, annoying) sound glitches.


Anonymous said...

Please keep up the good work! :D
Thank you so much for this.

dasMobius said...

Today I stumbled upon "Wanderers" while searching for Carl Sagan videos. I enjoyed it very much. It really felt like I was watching a forgotten episode of Cosmos, which is an amazing feat for anyone to pull off! You must have had a lot of fun putting this together. Your editing skills are first class. The narration, the music, the images, all flow together beautifully like some great composer's masterpiece.

I look forward to episode 2.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the upload! Great video.

Anonymous said...

Working on a little (tiny) something for you Lang. Hang tight.


Duncan said...

I, too, stumbled upon your video on Stage6. Wow, this is wonderful work. Though only 10 minutes into episode one, it's clear you've captured the Cosmos feel and look which we all know and love. Thank you for making this, your work is much appreciated, I didn't know of the book at all. You've got a great talent.

Dekkard said...

Beautifuly done, Carl would have loved it, and so do I. Hope to see part two soon.

Anonymous said...

I can't thank you enough for this. An incredible job worthy of Carl Sagan and his cosmic perspective. As another commenter said, everything flows together and really does seem like an episode of Cosmos. Is there more material from the audiobook from which to do additional episodes?

You ought to set up a paypal donation link, I'd be interested in donating to support the project!

Anonymous said...

Now that stage6 is no longer hosting videos...is there another source for your high res version?

Pat said...

Stage 6 is now defunct. Is there another place this can be downloaded in it's original pristine format?

Anonymous said...


Your video link:

No longer works. Where can we see Wanderers in hi-res?

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, I really wanted to get the high-res version.
You have done an amazing work.