The Process

I've been asked a couple times how this video was put together. It was actually a ton of work, as you might expect, but producing it fell into several fairly
discrete stages.

The precursor stage was, of course, dreaming the whole thing up. This happened in the summer of 2006 while I was washing dishes. Not a very interesting story.

The first actual step was to digitally remaster the audio I wanted to use. I wasn't able to buy a high quality copy of Sagan's narrated Pale Blue Dot on CD, the audio tape version was out of print, and the MP3's available for free online were tinny and lame-sounding. So I sought out and bought both the unabridged and abridged versions of the audiobook, used and on audio casette. I recordered the tapes that arrived in the mail, removing the tape hiss and whatnot (on my PC using software I bought a few years ago), and produced a new audio master from which to edit.

From there, I added a soundtrack that I felt carried the narrative in the direction Carl Sagan intended to take it, while editing out parts of the narrative that detracted from the overall flow of Sagan's argument. As eloquent and well-spoken as Carl Sagan was, even he needed a bit of editing.

After that, images obtained online and from other sources such as DVDs were added to the soundtrack, eventually producing a finished video that I think is a decent guess as to what sort of television program Pale Blue Dot might have made...


Alex Michael Bonnici said...

Hello One and All,
Check out the recent blog I wrote concerning your project entitled "PALE BLUE DOT episode 1: A Fantastic Documentary Worthy of PBS"


Keep up the good work

Aryanpars said...

great work

ive was dying for something this good for a while.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely wonderful! Great, great, job!

Anonymous said...

I am an amateur video enthusiast and super-passionate about science, archeology/anthropology documentaries. I have to compliment you on your spectacular work! Very impressive indeed and I believe that if Carl Sagan could see it he would approve of how you edited the video. The music and especially the choice in images and clips is great. Especially with the young kid climbing into his crib (exploring "home". Job well done! I sincerely hope that somehow you can justify doing the rest. I for one would by the final DVD(s) from you.

Anonymous said...

I discovered this a bit late, but I too thought the kid climbing back into his crib was humorously appropriate. Also loved the Clash of the Titans clips!